Earth As Seen From Space Globes

EarthBall Globes

Inflatable Planet Earth EarthBall Globes are created with the NASA satellite digital images from  NASA’s “Blue Marble Project,” showing on a world globe what is often referred to as a Google Earth view. Our globes continue to be the most photo-realistic giant globes ever made.

EarthBall globes with glow-in-the-dark cities offer an important global perspective. They are beautiful and they look great in a classroom, an office, or displayed anywhere in the home. They are easy to transport and a beautiful visual reminder of our place in the world. What a great gift for a child, teacher, friend, or perhaps a birthday gift for a family member.

Why Earth Images?

Earth as seen from space inflatable globes remind us to transcend boundaries, rivalries, wars, conflict, separation, and divisions. Let's take care of the Earth for the good of everyone! Planet Earth world globes show on a sphere what would be in a Google Earth view.

Our Earth without boundaries. Have fun and enjoy your world.

Offer the gift of the world to your friends and family!