Wholesale EarthBall World as Seen From Space World Globes


Wholesale purchases are available through e-mail and phone.

(360) 298-0362 

planetearthgifts (a) gmail.com 

Satellite Imagery Inflatable Globes In Stores Throughout the World

Teacher resource stores, museum stores, toy stores, gift shops, food coops--hundreds of locations have successfully sold EarthBall globes. We have customers from day one who continue to reorder many years later. Call us to discuss wholesale accounts.

Wholesale Minimums and Pricing

A dozen is the minimum for wholesale; with 24 we add a free display globe. $7.50 is the typical wholesale cost.

With twelve dozen (144) the wholesale cost is even lower ($6.75)


Some customers prefer to pay with credit cards; others have 30-90 day terms.


We offer free shipping for initial wholesale orders.